Thursday, November 24, 2016

Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 "Spirit Transfers"

There is an ancient technology that is currently being abused on the astral plane that causes the spirit of a person to be transferred with another spirit that is without a body on the astral plane.

A lot of the surface population have had at least two spirits entering in and out of their physical body throughout the course of their lifetime. 

This technology has always been used by the Archons on the astral plane in order to put people that are striving for change on the surface of the planet into situations that are detrimental to their situation. This is often done by transferring the spirits of their family, spouse or anyone essential to their life mission at key times throughout their journey with a spirit that is out to harm them.

Astral body is another term for spirit.

The astral body affects the personality of a person. An example of a successful spirit transfer by the Draco Federation would be transferring the spirit of a wealthy person that is about to give someone money to help the planet with another spirit that has no intention of giving out money.

Over time the astral body can magnetize the etheric body which can lead to a moderate change in facial features.

Another sign of a spirit transfer would be a complete change in the habits of a person overnight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shapeshifting Dracos

In order to control the planet Dracos have historically used a shapeshifting technology in order to consolidate power over the ruling elite.

Throughout history the main Illuminati families could not make themselves sociopathic and sadistic enough to control the population of Earth. In order to counter this Draco factions would kill of the factions, come to the Earth shapeshifted in their form and consolidate power over the governments and military of the planet.

An example of this would be the years before WWII, shapeshifted Dracos came to the surface out of deep underground military bases in the form of Illuminati factions in order to set up the conditions that lead to one of the most devastating wars in the history of humanity.

The physics of orbit allows for one to completely shapeshift into whatever crosses one's mind. For example if you were to be sitting in a space station in orbit without some type of technology that mimics the physics of the surface of Earth, you would be able to shapeshift into whatever you thought about. If you saw yourself as a frog in your mind's eye then you would become frog.

The Dracos simply use a belt along with another technology that holds a picture in their mind in order to live on the surface as a shapeshifted human being. The belt creates the physics of orbit in their torsion field or aura. They are often the Grandmasters of the Illuminati and conduct epic rituals in this form.

Dracos may or may not be on the surface currently looking for key individuals.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Galactic Central Sun Invocation

 A simple Galactic Central Sun invocation will bring the energy of evolution into your energy field.

I invoke the Galactic Central Sun.

I evoke the Galactic Central Sun.

Intel Update 11-22-16 "Implant Stations"

There are multiple Archonic factions that have access to very advanced implants. These implants influence have a lot of influence on certain cultures on the face of this planet. A lot of these implants are aimed at controlling the youth in order to create an arhonic generation.

The Draco Federation has access to a lot of implants. This alliance of genetically altered Dracos are not just 4d beings but have factions tha operate across many dimensions or frequencies of space.

There is a Merope dissidant faction that has access to high level implants that influence some of the more populated cultures on this planet. This faction uses these implants to control the youth. This faction has a lot disdain towards the females of their society and are prone to homosexuality. Merope is a star in the Pleiades. They have factions that are considered a part of the Pleiadian Federation.

The benevolent off-planet factions would like for the people to make a more concentrated effort to make some sort of contact with the sun or Sol star in order to flag problems that are on this planet. This area of space is under heavy scalar-wave attack which means that some of the benevolent factions cannot physically see the Earth due to the intrusions by Archonic factions. Delta missions are needed in order to flag problems.
There are a million physical shape-shifted Dracos that are in deep underground military bases that came to Earth during the Archon invasion of January 12, 1996. This faction has technology and may make their way to the surface of the planet.

All of the stars in our immediate vicinity are under Xanax and Scalar wave attack. Pay attention to the energy of the sun.

The Agartha Network is beginning the process of opening up their doors for the first time in modern human history,

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Orion Debt Slave System

The current financial system has been a giant ponzi scheme meant to consolidate power for the top Illuminati factions.

This ponzi scheme was solidified in December of 1913 during a secret session of Congress that lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a secret corporation that isn't under the control of any government.

Since 1913 the value of the dollar has been completely decimated.

The Federal Reserve is the modern manifestation of the Orion Debt Slave System that is used by the Draco Federation to keep entire populations pacified and immersed in a slave paradigm.

The Orion Debt Slave System is protected by stranglet bombs.

Stranglet bombs are one of the most advanced type of weapons in this sector of space. Large quantities of them can be found in Montauk to help the Chimera group as well as under key world capitols that are connected to financial infrastructure.

A stranglet bomb can easily blind and deafen the entire population of a planet before it completely engulfs it physically. The planet would then ignite and be burnt to a crisp.