Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Galactic Central Sun & the Cintamani Stone

The Galactic Central Sun

The Galactic Central Sun has not gone away. The energy of it is constantly present in our everyday lives. It has to be reiterated that the Galactic Central Sun is directly responsible for the evolution of the human being. PSI abilities have been evolving in most human beings. Many people have unknowingly reached their 5d ascension, and are starting to live through their higher personalities. The Galactic Central Sun is also causing the human collective to change. Simply breathing in the Galactic Central Sun while outside causes the human being
to evolve.

The cintamani stone radiates the energy of the galactic central sun. The cintamani stone is a powerful force that makes it easier for us to embody our higher-self.

The cintamani stone radiates power which can be seen by the aura of the stone. it also can be felt when the stone is touched or held. Being within the presence of the stone can lead to immediate personality changes. An example may be that a person feels the need to live a cleaner lifestyle while in the presence of the stone.

Another practice involves placing the cintamani stone on the heart while laying down. Each heartbeat pumps the energy of the galactic central sun throughout the body. This makes it easier to fully embody the Galactic Central Sun. It also can lead to the body becoming more purified. This practice is safe to do during the day for short increments of time. At night though, as for most stones, the cintamani stone becomes very charged. As a result, it can cause a burning sensation on the chest if placed on the heart.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Intel Update 11-27-18

The resonance frequency of Earth has been going berserk since December of 2013, which is a sign of the earth changes connected to the galactic central sun.

Galactic Confederation ships are stationed around Earth. This post from Sheldan Nidle gives the general idea of what is happening.
The Galactic Federation ships are waiting for a galactic moment or a certain moment in time when they can go through with protocol the will aid the situation on the surface. The power word is Galactic Confederation; this group can be contacted through telepathic means.

The Secret Space Program is group of breakaway civilizations that formed an alliance in 1608, Most of these factions have been around since the times of B.C., with the latest one entering orbit in 1597.

The Dove faction is the faction that is behind the NESARA and GESARA projects that are meant to help liberate the planet. This faction is generally associated with the positive military and the term "white hat". They are a paramilitary faction.

The fires in California have been caused by paid provocateurs, a high energy beam weapon emanating from a space vehicle right above the mesosphere, and high-level rituals that are being carried out by a certain faction that has power there.

The Event protocol has started. and is ongoing. The Event is similar to NESARA. Evidence of this can be found in the conspiracy media

The Pleiadian alignment has started, and is ongoing. During this time, Pleiadians from all over the Pleiades come to Earth to help their spiritual ancestors heal, and experience the Pleiadian frequency. This alignment occurs twice a year. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Time Code Meanings

We are living in a holographic universe that is completely encoded. Many people witness the same pattern a numbers on the clock when their attention is drown to it. These numbers are codes from the higher dimensions that help us judge our reality.

1234- means that we are on the right path and that all has already been lived. It means that all is well, and we need to keep continuing down the path before us.

1 and 2s- means that our point of attraction is strong. It means that we are attracting what we are meaning to attract.

321-means that we have made a life mistake in the moment. It means that we are temporarily on the wrong track in life.

1s and 3s - means that one is very powerful, and it is hard for them to not affect the general reality of the planet.

3's and 7's - means that one is a benevolent in life, It means that one is out for the general good of others and humanity in general. The person is not afraid to share wisdom with others in a physical or non-physical way It means that one is out for the general good and well-being of themselves as well.

1s - Seeing just 1's on the clock means that you are on the path to realizing your higher-self. It means that one is becoming aware of themselves and their true potential.

456 -means that one is on the planetary path, In other words, the planet is heading towards a general event, and you are playing your part in it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Draco

The Dracos are malevolent beings whom hail from Alpha Draconis. Dracos are very militant in nature. These beings have the power to influence current events, as well as world leaders through telepathic means, and technology.

The Dracos, like many exopolitical factions, can shapeshift to take on the human form in order to influence the human race. The Dracos worship the primary anomaly, which is the source of all scalar in this sector of space. Another part of their religion is perversion, or the essence of backwardness which is prevalent in the dark occult. In general, the Dracos can be described as Satanists.

The Dracos are also the task managers of the Illuminati which is one of its many dark secrets. The Illuminati is an ancient religion that exists to subjugate, and guide the human race towards a certain period of time when the planet goes through a massive evolutionary leap due to the galactic central sun. During this time, the Draco comes to the surface in unison in order to feast off the fear of human beings, and to cause the resonance frequency of the planet to go berserk.

The Draco have many factions underground: some are scientific, such as the chimera group, some are alpha-oriented, while others are terrorists. Most of these factions are etheric in nature, meaning they don't have physical bodies. Being etheric, makes them very dangerous because their ability to possess people for short periods of times into making irrational decisions that directly aids the goal of the Draco. Although most are etheric, some are physical and can walk among us.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Intel Update 10-16-18 "Nanotechnology"

Intel Update 10-16-18 "Nanotechnology" 

ISIS has been destroyed, and as a result, have lost all capacity to reform as an entity.

All lightworkers need to stay away from the notion that they should be going underground unless otherwise contacted by the Resistance Movement or other factions. Lightworkers currently need to stay on the planet to hold their light.

For the first time in modern history, the Sol system has been cleared to the extent that the Sol Council of Light is willing to make contact with anyone capable of making contact. The Sol Council of Light comes from the 9d dimension of the cosmos.

Our sun is also experiencing a new awakening which is leading to new phases of star activity.

The Sphere Beings have lost all control of the Sol solar system.

The Event protocol is still underway. The number one problem that is blocking its full manifestation is the nanotechnology issue that is currently inflicting the surface population. The nanotechnology forms an etheric coat on the human being that hinders their inner knowing as well as outward beauty. A person who is coated with nanotechnology may experience a slight reddening of the skin. Nanotechnology is also connected to the mind-control situation.

Most off-planet and underground factions find the surface population atrocious due to the nanotechnology that inflicts them. As a result, it is extremely difficult for underground factions to make contact with the surface population without a general awareness of the nanotechnology situation.

The Veil

The Veil

At its fundamental level the Veil is a scalar wave infused etheric field that extends above satellites in orbit.

It entraps television waves in order to create another layer of the Veil and to warn off-planet factions that the planet is under Draco

At its height the Veil is reinforced by scalar attacks that originated out of the deep underground military base of the Chimera Group. These attacks would trigger when a human-being would make contact with a being that radiated the ascended frequency.

One of the base levels of the Veil are the scalar waves that emanated from the HAARP facilities.

The main function of the Veil is to disrupt psychic ability and the ability to channel information from space for the surface population.

The Veil is an illusion in the sense that one can easily transcend it, if they are able to to magnify their etheric aura.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Tribe of Mohab

The Tribe of Mohab is considered one of  the 13  bloodlines of Israel. It is also know as the red bloodline.

The red bloodline hails from the Taygeta star in the Pleiades which is a red star. A lot of people on Earth have a past-life connection to Taygeta.

The word "Mohab" means unseen force. The unseen force that term refers to is the Pleidian High Command which has supported the Mohab bloodline throughout history.

An example of a Mohab faction are the Minoans who existed on the island of Crete as well as other places. There is evidence that suggests Minoan factions existed in North America as well. Besides Minoan, many Native American tribes have connections to the Mohab bloodline.

Another example of a Mohab faction would be the Romanovs who had power in Russia from the early 1500's until the first World War.

The Tribe of Mohab represents the Pleiadian bloodline original to Western civilization.

The original Templars that sat around the Roundtable sometime around 600 AD are another example of a Mohab faction.

The Tribe of Mohab is an unseen force that still has power over the world to this day.