Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Intel Update 3-15-16

The astral plane has been cleared of all Archons.

All Draco groups who have chosen not to deprogram have been removed from the galaxy.

An outer-perimeter has been formed around the sector to stop groups from casually observing and to stop malevolent groups from intervening.

This planet is the last holdout of the Draco Federation and they are not giving it up easily. Over the last few days various negative groups have been running suicide missions into the sector.

A positive Atlantean group that has been in the sector for 10,000 years has deprogrammed and is ready to make contact.

Motherships are beginning to enter into the atmosphere in order to wake people up from their programmed reality. They will be cloaked during the day and uncloaked at night.

First contact protocol has been initiated and is beginning with dream time experiences.

New-born babies are being smothered in North and South Korea in order to stop the flow of psychic children who are reincarnating. The Order of the Star is intervening.

There is currently a clearing of darkhat hackers across the world.


Uncle J! said...

OMG! I am more convinced than ever that these events are really starting to unfold now. I would like to share my own personal experience DIRECTLY related to the statement above : "First contact protocol has been initiated and is beginning with dream time experiences" ...
Just this morning around 5AM EST, in my pre-waking dream state, I HAD A VERY LUCID AND EXCITING DREAM. Yes, I had a very lucid and exciting dream. No joke and I wouldn't post this if I didn't. There's no money in it for me, no glory, no nothin. I just feel a need to contribute this and share a bit of joy. The dream went like so...
I was standing in front of my house on the tree-lined street(in a suburb of Boston) in the morning, gazing up at an unusually puffy white cloud. Just at that moment, a very shiny silver round craft emerged from it. It was about 100 ft in diameter and about 20-30 feet tall. I said to myself 'THIS IS IT!!! Its starting!" I waved furiously at the craft calling to them "Hey come on down!" I said. It was very real and lucid to me. On the craft, I could see there was a kind of open deck on the rim of the craft and that some beings were walking around on it, looking out and down at me on the ground. The shiny round multilayered craft was only about 150 to 200 feet high. The craft moved slowly quietly and gracefully 12 o'clock high right over my house. As it hovered overhead, I was waving and calling to it. It slowed so they could get a look at me. Since my back yard is so small, landing was clearly out of the question. So in an instant, I then found myself on the deck of their craft surrounded by loving beings in a group hug. It was powerful. And then I woke.
Hopefully this will contribute to a belief that we really are close to full disclosure now, after so many false starts in the past. After all, yesterday was Pi day... you know, 3.1416 Do you think that date would be of importance to beings highly enlightened in mathematics? As one with a degree in Physics, I do appreciate the importance of Pi. Well, I also believe that its the benevolent beings that come out in the open. We've had enough of the ones sneaking around behind our backs for many milenea. Its time for the good guys(and girls) to show up. Let's keep in mind that they show up because we invite them to do so - and I really believe that we will benefit in many ways. Yay !

White light of Shamballah said...

Thank you Dark Hat White Hat, when I am in need I will contact Order of the Star! Infinite blessings.

Unknown said...

Arcons have surrendered, yes I confirm this.
Liberation of this planet is near.

ThePeeterc said...

Hey guys, thanks for that... I'm remembering a dream sequence that happened this morning, March 20 2016...The only thing I remember, is being surrounded by a lot of happy and contented people, which put me into a real happy place... I wouldn't of known this, had I missed the above...thanks...

Guidomazz said...

can you tell us something about it?