Thursday, March 10, 2016

Intel Update 3-10-16

The vast majority of human-being have been physically implanted.

There are tracking implants that are commonly placed in the foot but can be found all over the body. They are used to monitor the movements of all mind-control victims.

There is an implant that is placed in the sacral chakra to limit the flow of kundalini energy.

There is an implant located in the pineal gland that limits the ability to remote-view.

There is an implant located in the back of the head. This implant limits the flow of energy to the crown chakra.

The tracking and sacral chakra implants have been shut-off by Order of the Star. In the immediate future the implants located in the back of the head and pineal gland will also be shut-off. This will cause the psychic ability of everyone who is implanted to increase dramatically. Psychic ability is naturally magnified at night.

Contact Order of the Star Council for encouragement and guidance.

The head implants will be shut-off within the next week, 

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