Saturday, March 12, 2016

South Korea and Underground Crime

Signapore is the Illuminati capital of South Korea

Republic of Korea is a corporation and not sovereign state.

Many children are kidnapped from South Korea to be used as beta-sex slaves in Tokyo.

When it comes to the drug trade, Tokyo and Signapore are in a symbiotic relationship. Most crystal meth labs are operating out of Signapore and the meth is sent into Tokyo.

The Yakuza ship drugs into South Korea.

Hwong Kyo-yahn is cooperating with the LDP party of Japan. Hwong Kyo-yahn's cabinet consists of many people who are loyal to the Yakuza. He is deeply conencted to the underground crime network operating out of Hong Kong.

He was once a White Hat but has been deeply compromised.

The South Korean Triads receive their orders from Hong Kong which is the Rothschild capital of Asia.

Psychic people are in danger.

Contact Order of the Star Council for personal interventions

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