Monday, April 11, 2016

About the Future

Order of the Star is currently intervening on this planet. Order of the star is a collection of benevolent extraterrestrial groups that are volunteering to help this planet. The planet has mostly been liberated from Draco enslavement but there are still a few obstacles that remain in the way.

Order of the Star would like to see more people making conscious contact with them telepathically. All one has to do is simply ask them for intel and guidance. If you would like to get involved with the intervention then ask them telepathically for ways of getting involved.

Over the coming months people will see their lives gradually improve. It will be noticeable to those who have the eyes to see but there are a lot of people that are so entrenched in their former reality that they will continue to live as they have always lived. Order of the Star would like to see those who consider themselves a part of the awakened community help these people dissociate from their slave reality.

Order of the Star is focusing on creating healthy outlets for competition. Also people should begin to purify themselves by eating healthy and drinking water. Once again yoga and meditation will be safe to practice. Finally Order of the Star would like to see people learn different telepathic techniques so that they can maintain contact with the surface population.

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