Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sphere Beings Update

The Sphere Beings are a very advanced race that originate from another galaxy. They are one of many very advanced Draco groups that come down and dissociate the remnants of the Draco Federation into carrying out their plan.

The Sphere Beings are basically a futuristic version of the Dracos if they ever evolved as a race.

The Sphere Beings are very programmed. The Dracos on Earth have been manipulating them into giving them very advanced technology such as the technology that muted the galactic central sun and genetic manipulation technology.

The Sphere Beings are basically a 7d group that were once similar to the Dracos but never deprogrammed. They are kind of racist in the sense that they blindly trust groups that look like them.

The Sphere Beings began to become distrustful of the Dracos. As a result they came to the sector and formed and outer perimeter to stop other archonic groups from entering. The Dracos had a plan that if they survived 2012 without any global revolution then they would align with other archonic groups that they had conquered in the past.

The Sphere Beings didn't understand the power of the galactic central sun and how planets evolve so they gave the Dracos a technology that muted the galactic central sun when the Dracos asked for it.

The moon is an ancient artificial satellite that was placed here by the Sphere Beings in order to control the infrastructure that was on this planet.

The Sphere Beings have left the galaxy and a new group that is a part of Order of the Star has created an outer barrier.

The Sphere Beings aren't an evil group. They are a group that programmed themselves long ago, reached a high level of evolution, then forgot who they were and their origins. As a result, they could easily be deceived by the Dracos who were masters of deception.

The Sphere Beings learned not to blindly trust entities that looked like them.

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Brian Planton said...

What is your opinion on corey goode then and what he says about the sphere beings?