Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Crimes of Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran first came to the Pleiades around 500,000 years ago while the Pleiadians were enslaved. He incarnated on a reptilian controlled planet who were subsidiaries of the Draco Federation. His mission was to overturn the situation. He failed and succumbed to mind-control programming.

    He eventually went to Taygeta system where he first got involved with the Pleiadian High Command approximately 200,000 years ago. The Pleiadians at the time had just overcome a long period of being enslaved by the Draco Federation.

Ashtar tried to start a mutiny on the ship. He was baited down onto a  Draco Federation controlled planet to be tortured and programmed for months.

Overtime he eventually gained control of the Pleiadian High Command by using black magick techniques to dissociate the key members of the deck into making bad decisions. He caused them not to finish many interventions which eventually lead to the Draco Fedration gaining control of this system. One example of this was when he caused the Pleiadian High Command to not finish a key intervention which lead to the destruction of Maldek. He is also mostly responsible for the fall of Atlantis.

In the early 40's Ashtar Sheran started contacting people on the surface of the planet under the power word Ashtar Command.

    In the 1950s he came down and met with key members of the U.S. government including President Eisenhower. He willingly went underground into Draco bases in order to receive programming. He came under the name Valiant Thor.

One of his greatest crime was leaking the names and past-life history of all the starseeds that incarnated between 1987 and 1997. He is mostly responsible for the precise sweep in 1996 that lead to the vast majority of starseeds being taken into deep underground military bases. In other words, he is responsible for the precise targeting of starseeds which lead to every single starseed that was inserted in the 1980's and 1990's being taken underground. Many of these kids are dead but the ones that are alive are some of the most programmed mind-control victims on the face of this planet.

As of now the Ashtar Command has been completely dismantled. Some of the crew of the Ashtar Command are showing good will by deprogramming. The ones that decided to stay loyal to Ashtar chose to not deprogram and are not coming back to this solar system.

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Is Sheran still active and operating on Earth as we speak?