Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intel Update 7-5-16 "On-Going Intervention"

We are in the opening stages of an unprecedented intervention that will lead to global changes on the face of this planet.

All negative groups along with their infrastructure are currently in the process of being removed.

This sector is the only area in this galaxy and local galaxies where the Dracos were able to successfully wage war. There are many groups that exist non-physically and are not conscious of the fact that their physical bodies are in stasis pods.

Stasis-pods are a type of technology that mimics the physics of orbit. In other words, the person inside of the pod is able to receive nourishment without eating, is completely purified, and is very immersed in dreams. There are a lot of off-planet groups that have been regularly operating etherically inside of this solar system but are not conscious of the fact that they have been placed into stasis pods by the Draco Federation many millenias ago. An example of a stasis pod would be the technology witnessed in the first matrix movie without the pink goo.

As we speak, there is currently a stand-off ongoing in Alpha Draconis. Very evolved benevolent groups have become conscious of the intervention occurring on Earth and decided to lower their frequency so that a massive sector-wide intervention could begin to dissolve the final remnants of the Draco Federation that took over this galaxy many millions of years ago. They are giving the Dracos a chance to stand down and deprogram. Most of the infrastructure that the Dracos have been using is connected to a mother computer located in Alpha Draconis. While the infrastructure has been removed from Earth it needs to be understood that there are still implants that influence thousands of other races that were once under the dominion of the Draco Federation.

 Understand that there are literally billions of evolved groups that exist physically that have never experienced war, famine or destruction. There are also super-groups that exist way above the ascended master frequency or 5th dimensional frequency that has been made famous by the New Age Movement.

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Anonymous said...

answers a lot of nagging questions I have had about my own life since birth, where I knew when I began to be coherent enough as a child to connect the dots of where I was and what kind of environment I was living in that was unknown to me but unknown to me in a way that seemed unfathomable to me in that how could anyone live in such a way that was so foreign to the self-knowledge of what I already knew was how to live in compete love and service to others in harmony and balance with all life. Thus when the 1960's came around and part of that peace love generation that sought change the paradigm and were crushed, there was a smaller splinter group out of Laguna beach with hare Krishna who were known as flower children. We built our own anarchist communes.
You don't need hierarchies when your soul and spirit frequency are your internal guidance system that doesn't need hired mercenaries with guns to guide your behavior in a society by always reminding you of consequences we saw as far lower evolved spiritually evolved beings and for the life of me we could not understand how any human being could ever tolerate such an existence of learned helplessness.
Anyway glad to see my spiritual brethren have arrived for the big show.
When was around 7 years old remember looking up at the stars at night and saying please take me back home.
How does a 7 year old child know those things and express himself that did not come from anything he learned by being here on planet earth?
Because it came from a different reality of remembering that is not this.