Friday, November 11, 2016

The ISIS Presence

ISIS began as a rogue mercenary army. It quickly turned into a massive psy-ops ordered directly from some of the top Illuminati families. The conflict in Syria went under the radar because it was mostly contained. It began to spiral out of control in 2015 when an off-planet faction began implanting the ISIS remnants with etheric implants that caused their electro-shock torture programming to constantly regenerate.

Blackwater/Academi is a Bush-era corporation that started with the intent of producing bodyguards. It evolved into an armed security personnel group that mostly operated in Iraq while the conflict was winding down.

Blackwater first hit public headlines in 2007 when a handful of armed personnel opened fire in a busy Iraq city killing many.

The war in Syria began as a moderately peaceful civil protest in 2011 against the Assad regime. The protests turned violent which lead to an armed revolt Blackwater personnel entered Syria to form the mercenary known as ISIS.

Illuminati factions created a psy-ops over the next few years citing ISIS as Islamic State which was meant to help them form a state acknowledged by other countries. The falsehood is that ISIS were ever competent, equipped or trained enough to stand against the Syrian army. The conflict in Syria was a proxy war in the sense that ISIS was being supplied by other countries in order to destabilize the region.

The tools that turned ISIS into an exopolitical faction first came to the Earth in 2007 when a rogue faction brought an implant that made human beings a lot more susceptible to sadism. As the conflict in Syria winded down members of ISIS began to be implanted with this etheric device which caused them to never want to stop fighting and pillaging.

There was always a Draco faction with shapeshifting technology in deep underground military base below Syria. ISIS members were making contact with this faction throughout their stay in Syria. This Draco faction taught them the art of black magick and deception to the extent that ISIS basically became a Draco faction operating on the surface of the planet. The Dracos openly possessed them and gave them orders. The members of ISIS were not far from being genetically altered to become Dracos.

The war became unprecedented for key countries in September of 2014 when ISIS was basically destroyed only to be resurrected by an exopolitical faction.