Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Orion Debt Slave System

The current financial system has been a giant ponzi scheme meant to consolidate power for the top Illuminati factions.

This ponzi scheme was solidified in December of 1913 during a secret session of Congress that lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a secret corporation that isn't under the control of any government.

Since 1913 the value of the dollar has been completely decimated.

The Federal Reserve is the modern manifestation of the Orion Debt Slave System that is used by the Draco Federation to keep entire populations pacified and immersed in a slave paradigm.

The Orion Debt Slave System is protected by stranglet bombs.

Stranglet bombs are one of the most advanced type of weapons in this sector of space. Large quantities of them can be found in Montauk to help the Chimera group as well as under key world capitols that are connected to financial infrastructure.

A stranglet bomb can easily blind and deafen the entire population of a planet before it completely engulfs it physically. The planet would then ignite and be burnt to a crisp.