Friday, November 4, 2016

The White Dragon/ISIS Relationship

The White Dragon Society is a criminal organization that was formed by the Lin family. Basically the White Dragon Society carries out alpha operations such as assassinations and abductions on Western soil for that particular family.

The White Dragon Society is able to carry out operations on U.S. soil because of their knowledge of the expansive tunneling system that was used during late Atlantis. They are able to go in and out of tunnels with ease because most police forces outside of Illuminati cities are not aware of these tunnels.

The White Dragon Society sold out to ISIS in order to annex large portions of territory on Western soil. They are heavily involved in the onslaught against internet infrastructure.

The White Dragon Society split from the Lins in ideology when they alligned with a 3d/4d dissident faction from the Merope star in the Pleiades. This faction brainwashed them against the women of the world. They also offered them technology.

Although it was formed by the Lins the White Dragon Society is a separate entity in the sense that it is a corporation.