Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Occult Usage of Scalar Waves

One of the deepest secrets of the dark occult movement focus around the usage and effects of scalar waves.

Many underground occult movements utilize the use of scalar waves in order to help maintain control over the surface population.

Scalar waves are a dark etheric substance that has degeneration effects on the human mind and body. Scalar waves generally tend to be utilized at night to embellish darkness. For instance, an example of a scalar wave night would be a night that appears as being unusually dark.

 A person sitting in scalar waves can experience limited brain wave activity that can lead to immature decisions. Scalar waves can literally physically devolve the human mind if used enough without the proper wear. Scalar waves also tend to mute the feelings of joy and happiness.

A symptom of someone who has been contaminated with scalar waves is an uncontrollable impulse to make irrational decisions in order to control a situation that comes out of no where.

During scalar wave rituals participants have to wear a non-physical suit in order to combat the effects of scalar waves.

Historically scalar waves have been the fundamental substance used in technologies by dark underground military such as the chimera group. An example would be their magnifier technology that is used to magnify the energy of their dark rituals in order to activate mind-control victims. Another example would be the veil which muted the natural abilities of human beings for the last 2000 years.

Religions have been organized around scalar waves in the local galaxy which is why open space appears to be dark.

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